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The CCS Fanfiction Review Board
Because the most destructive criticism is indifference
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5th-Apr-2011 01:26 pm - Anybody home? :D
FxK moving
*Sets up tripod*

*Secures leaf-blower to tripod*

*Turns on leaf blower and sets base to ‘rotate.’*

*Blows cobby webs and other icky critters that have taken roost*


Title: Scars (Formerly Shards)
Author/Penname: Kainasilverbane
Rating: M (for blood and later for adult topics)
Chapters: 1 (in progress)
Pairings: Fujitaka/Kaho
Summary: Set about two years in the future, sometime between Syaoran's departure and return to Tomoeda. Eriol has been possessed by a demon, and Kaho has made the arduous journey back to Japan to warn them, and to look for help in trying to free him
Warning, Notes: A very dark telling of the cute and adorable manga we know and love. Unfortunately, all things must begin to grow and break away from the innocence that youth bestows upon us. Here is just one way that Sakura learns that the world is not the warm and loving place she thought it was, and how people she cares for can be put in such terrible pain
Link to story/story behind lj-cut Chapter 1Collapse )
Disclaimer: I don't own CCS or any of the characters, trust me if CLAMP saw what I was doing to them, they'd probably murder me :D
31st-May-2009 03:16 pm - Change in Moderators
eriol- cheschire cat
Hello everyone!

As much as I hate to admit it, I can no longer manage the community as religiously as before. Given the fact that I have a tendency to have long gaps of inactivity (as you can observe from the dust this community has accumulated over the last couple of months), I think it is best that I hand over the management of this lovely community to someone who shares as much (if not more) love writing for the series.

It is for this reason that I am very pleased to announce to everyone that dear dropsofviolet has agreed to maintain the community from now on.*

I look forward to future activities in this community.♥ I am very much grateful for everyone's support.




* Truth to be told, I have shared maintainer status with her for some time, but I have not gotten around into putting things into order. My apologies for the delay.
9th-Jan-2009 12:21 pm - Bring forth the jury!
Title: A New Year’s Trim
Author/Penname: cagedlark, caelestis-wolf
Rating: G
Chapters: One Shot
Pairings: T/E
Summary: Tomoyo decides to give Eriol a little trim before going to Sakura’s New Year’s party.
Momentary InsanityCollapse )
Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me. I merely borrowed them for some non-profit fun.

Sorry it's so late it's not even New Year's any more. Stupid internet refused to work 'till now. I've been meaning to post something since forever but nothing seemed good enough. It's been so long you probably don't even remember me. If my memory serves correct I did post an introduction eons ago. Anyway, I'm a BIG fan and just love coming here to read!
27th-Aug-2008 10:30 am - Bring forth the jury!
kraehe→ the murder where no one dies
I'm on a roll this week on drabbles with the weirdest humor wtf. Once more, none are beta-ed.

Title: Thin Red Line
Author/Penname: little_kraehe @ selecetiales
Rating: G.
Chapters: n/a
Characters: Kinomoto Touya
Summary: When Touya sets his mind on something, he will never give up until he accomplishes it. And he always starts with the smallest of steps.
Disclaimer: I don't own CCS.

Thin Red Line

Title: Last Supper
Author/Penname: little_kraehe @ selecetiales
Rating: G.
Chapters: n/a
Characters: Kinomoto Touya, Li Syaoran
Summary: Li Syaoran's longest dinner was going to be his most memorable one.
Disclaimer: I don't own CCS.

Last Supper
13th-Aug-2008 12:41 pm - Bring Forth the Jury!
Title: Locked Wings
Penname: globmonster1
Rating: T
Chapters: 5 (in-progress but newly updated)
Pairings: SxS and ExT
Summary: Syaoran grew sick of being caged in by the Elders and sought a way out. Now, 5 years later, Sakura gets bribed to take him back, even if it means doing the dirty.
Warnings: POV changes from time to time.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4024640/1/Locked_Wings
Disclaimer: (I don't own CCS) Be as harsh as you need to be when critiquing and thanks.
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